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EVER - Schools

The project’s main goal is to promote empowerment, participation, active citizenship and social cohesion, with great emphasis on the acquisition of the positive, life affirming values European citizenship encompasses, such as respect, tolerance, active non-violence, cooperation and social responsibility.

Peace and respect to diversity are core value of the European Union and fundamental to the development of the individual and to ensuring social cohesion and societal wellfare. The project places great emphasis on the acquisition of the positive, life affirming values European citizenship encompasses, such as respect for human rights, tolerance, active non-violence, cooperation and social responsibility. 

Teaching transversal competences however, requires a cross–curricular approach, which in its turn requires, trainers and youth workers, not only to change the way they traditionally work, but also demands increased cross–disciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration on developing appropriate training methodologies and agreeing specific learning outcomes.


The tools and approaches that will be developed and used during the project will provide teachers with a coherent but multifaceted methodology of raising awareness on important issues, active learning and generation of new knowledge through interactive exchange, and practical demonstration and application of the latter. 


The project gathers partners from 6 European countries with the objective of encouraging young people to actively participate in the shaping of the future of the EU, through raising awareness of Europe’s violent past, the challenge the recent raise of extreme political movements represent for European society and the importance of the core values the EU is built upon for the future of Europe.

With the above background, the project aims to:

-encourage young people to be active participants in the shaping of the future of the community.

– empower young people to engage actively in the democratic life of the community, and express their opinions, by emphasising the importance of active citizenship, individual awareness and different ways of participation on multiple levels

– Raise awareness among young people of the core values of the European Union,and the importance of their preservation for the future welfare of European societies.

Engage young people in the debate for the future of Europe, and encourage them to reflect on the society they want to live in. 

The project is expected to lead to higher level of awareness of the importance of the core values of the EU, it’s history and diversity, and increased participation of youth. 

Life Skills for Care Leavers

Young people leaving institutional or alternative care face many challenges in the process of adapting themselves to independant living. 

With this project we aim to: 

1. Provide guidance and support to young people by creating a “one-stop-shop” where they will be able to access information, guidance, support and services provided by relevant organizations and institutions. 

2. Support young people through the process of transition to independence by creating a network of volunteer mentors to help them build their personal plan and assist them in their communication with institutions and organizations. 

3. Establishing long term cooperation among the partners with the objective to assist the insertion of care leavers in European Youth Mobility, Volunteering, and Apprenticeship programmes. The opportunities the EU provides for Youth and Education represent an enormous opportunity for vulnerable young people for inclusion, participation, gaining professional experience and important professional and individual competences.

The project will directly involve about 60 young people  aged 18-26 through the activities as well as around 500 indirect participants. 

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