Our Mission

Bringing Opportunities to Those Who Need Them

The era of accelerated technological and societal transformations, presents us with numerous opportunities for individual and collective growth. The world has never been smaller. Communication has never been faster and easier. Information has never been more accessible and varied. The range of individual opportunity for occupation and career, leisure and lifestyles, exploration and personal development has never been wider. Civil society’s power to induce change has never been stronger.

However, opportunity is not equally available to all. The magnitude and speed of technological change and globalization has resulted in challenges, such as deepening of social inequalities, demographic change, change in the structure of employment, environment threads etc. The most vulnerable members of our society are at serious risk of being left behind by opportunity, due to their limited access to information, technology, education and innovation. Senior citizens, children and young people from disadvantaged background, people with disabilities, unemployed and low-skilled persons often face serious obstacles to finding opportunities that suit them.

We believe that these challenges can be best overcome through the combined effort of us all.

We established Association Redefine with the objective of empowering our communities and their members to be the drivers of positive change

We are dedicated to making high quality services and tools available to all. The ideal we are striving towards is that every person has the opportunity, information, knowledge, and tools to make positive choices that fulfill him/her individually and benefit us all.

We are a values-driven organization and our values are reflected in every aspect of our work. Our values are awareness, leadership, expertise, connection, integration, cooperation, innovation and service.

Awareness perceives and discerns

Gaining awareness of a challenge is the first step towards its solution. We cannot solve anything we are unaware of. It is the basis of understanding and the capacity of asking the right questions. Only then correct answers have the chance to emerge. We strive to address challenges through multi-faceted and inter-disciplinary approaches in order to provide the best solutions.

Leadership achieves

Nothing, big or small, is achieved without effective leadership. It is the driving force behind creation and innovation. We understand leadership as the ability to inspire, build and organize resources for the achievement an objective. In order for leadership to be positive and effective, expertise is a must. With no expertise, leadership leads to ill-directed and inadequate action, and results.

Expertise is an essential element in Leadership’s toolbox

We believe that expertise is not a one-man possession. Just as we believe that  no challenge is a one-subject challenge. An economic challenge is a social one, as it is a challenge of education and training, and one of political and societal structure and functioning, and a cultural one too.  We work with experts and partners with different professional backgrounds in order to create working solutions to challenges.

Connection and cross–fertilization between different fields and subjects is the foundation of expertise

Therefore we believe in a holistic approach to societal challenges, where true expertise is the combined knowledge of the many and where innovative and creative solutions can emerge.

Integration and cooperation deliver expertise where it is needed

As there are no isolated challenges, no single – headed approach can address them. Therefore we promote cross–sector  integration and cooperation  between academia, business, public institutions, NGOs  and educational organizations in order to facilitate the emergence of breakthrough solutions and  innovation to common challenges. 

Innovation is providing extraordinary solutions to ordinary challenges 

Creating change and developing new approaches take many forms, and we are dedicated to provide an environment where innovative teams and individuals thrive. While most commonly innovation is associated with technological breakthrough, we equally value its other forms, which, while less visible, help us make small improvements with important impacts. Innovation in the way we do things allows us and our partners to address better the needs of the persons we serve.

Service gives meaning to our organization

We are committed to making people’s life better through providing opportunities to those who need them the most. We combine our members and partners resources in order to be able to provide adequate solutions to challenges the most vulnerable members of our society face. We strive to provide free and low-cost services and tools, designed to the specific needs of the groups and persons we are aiming to assist, thus creating better opportunities for all.

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