Our Expertise

European Cooperation

European Cooperation is at the heart of our mission. We are dedicated at developping and implementing EU – funded projects under various Union programmes, addressing a diversity of challenges. We support our local and European partners in the planning, design and implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions in the areas of our expertise. 



We provide guidance to our partners in identifying the most appropriate funding instruments to supports their projects. 

Project Development

We develop project proposals under several EU funding programmes, with the cooperation of diverse local and international partners. 

Project management and Implementation

Our team is dedicated to provide quality management, implementation and follow up of the EU funded projects, thus ensuring  successful results

they already trust us:

Via Charlemagne - Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Route Européenne des Légendes

Ville de Haybes

Office des Seniors de Grand Reims

Ligue de l'enseignement Haut-Rhin

Education and training

Addressing the educational challenges of the 21st century is among our main objectives. We are actively engaged in developping free and accessible e-learning tools for the benefit of a variety of learners, innovative training methodologies in both formal and informal education, as well as in assisting our partners in implementing new technological and pedagogical approaches. 


We develop digital learning tools for classroom support and independant learning

Innovative Methodologies

We work on learner-centered methdologies, combining didactic and experiential learning approaches

Guidance and Support

We provide support to our partners in the development and implementation of novel educational tools and approaches 


Association Redefine carries out projects and activities aiming at supporting the personal and professional development of young people. Throughout our work, we place great value on the acquisition of soft and transversal skills and competences, necessary for young people to be a complete person in an increasilngly pluralistic and diverse society. 

Erasmus+ mobility for Youth

Through our projects we give opportunity to young people to engage in European  initiatives and meet with their peers from other countries. 

Personal Development

We assist young people in acquiring the skills and competences they need most in order to reach their personal and professional objectives. 

Active Citizenship and Participation

We support the effort of young people to be positive drivers of change. We are dedicated to the implementation of Citizens projects for and with young people.

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