Become Our Partner

Become our partner

Join our Network of European Partners and Become Part of a Growing, Values-Driven Community.

We are continuously searching to expand our network of partners and collaborators in Portugal and in Europe. We are looking for people and organisations who have expertise in the areas we work in, and who support and share our mission and values. Above all, we are interested in establishing long term collaboration with partners with integrity, vision and responsibility.

Why becoming our partner:

Get Support for the Development of Your Project Idea

Our team, members and network of consultants can help you with the development of your new idea into a working strategy, thus increasing its chances to succeed. We will assist you with the strategic planning and execution of your project in all its stages - from seed to expansion development stages.

Benefit from Assistance in Finding the Best Funding Opportunities, Partners and Collaborators for your Project

Raising the necessary funds, as well as securing competent and loyal partners and collaborators for a new project, are the most frustrating challenges project developpers are confronted to. As we have experienced it first hand, we have made it our mission to assist other worthy projects take off with less nerve-wracking experiences. Our team can assist you with finding the best financing opportunities available for the needs of your project, as well as with getting the partners and collaborators you need.

Receive Help with the Application Process, as well as with the Project's Administration, Management and Implementation

We have an experienced project development and project management team that will assist you with the development of your applications for funding, the project management and implementation, as well as with its follow up and sustainability once the grant is terminated.

Join A Community of Like Minded People and Organisations across Europe and Get Involved in European Cooperation with Partners who Share Similar Objectives

Whatever your project is, you are not alone. Across the continent, there are other people and organisations who share similar goals and challenges as you do. Working in collaboration with other like-minded people and organisations have many benefits, such as cross-fertilisation of ideas and approaches, increased potential for growth and expansion, bigger impact, higher quality results etc. Joining our network will allow you to connect with partners striving for excellence, high quality and professionalism, who embrace our values of integrity, honesty and responsibility.

The Partners we are looking for:

Individual Persons: 
  • Professionals in the areas that we are working in who want to join/contribute to the activity of the origanisation
  • Professionals, citizens and young people who have a project idea they want to realise with the help of the organisation  
  • Citizens who want to contribute to the objectives of the organisation and who want to support and or promote our activity
  • Young people and adults who want to engage in voluntary service to the community
  • School and University students, aged between 13 and 25, who want to engage in non-formal learning and improve their skills in the areas we are engaged with. 
 Legal Entities:
  •  Non-profit organisations and associations 

  • Public authorities 
  • Educational organisations 
  • Social service providers
  • Community organisations and centers 
  • Youth organisations 
  •  Social enterprises and cooperatives
  • SMEs

The Projects we are looking for:

In order for your project to be eligible for our support, it needs to fulfill the following initial criteria: 
  • It is in one of the areas we are working in and is aligned with our priorities
  • You are either an organisation or individual corresponding to the type of partners we are looking for
  • It aims to contribute to the collective welfare of society
  • It is already defined with clear objectives, activities and results.  


If you are interested in cooperating with us, please send us a message through our contact form, using as subject “Partnership” and one of our team members will get back to you in the shortest possible delay. 

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