About Us

About Us

Association Redefine is a  non-governmental organisation, based in Cascais, Portugal. Our main objective is to promote cross-sector integration and cooperation between civil society organisations, businesses, public institutions and educational bodies, in order to facilitate innovation and the emergence of breakthrough solutions to societal challenges.
The organisation is governed by an Administrative council of 12 members, experts in the fields of academia, economics and finances, education and training, ICT and System design, social and cultural sciences, youth etc. It has over 60 members coming from businesses, educational institutions, associations, public institutions, NGOs and others.
The organisation works in close partnership with organizations, institutions and professionals from all over Europe, aiming at encouraging the international cooperation in the fields of science and education, culture and arts, tourism and sustainable development.

The expertise of the organization is focused on the following key areas:

Youth, Education and Training:  

The Association provides education and training in the areas of soft and transversal skills and competencies, such as Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Foreign Languages, Cultural Competences, Information and Digital Literacy, Employability, Change Management and Values Education.

We also provide technical training in Data management and analysis, Environment and Sustainable Development, Rural Development and Planning, Sustainable Agriculture, Digital Cartography & GIS Mapping, Digital Asset Management Systems and System design.

Culture, Tourism and Sustainable Development:

Through our association with  the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe “Via Charlemagne and the Cultural Network  “Route Européenne des Legendes, we are engaged with the development of the international cultural routes. The association provides expert assistance to iEuropean and local stakeholders in sustainable tourism development, international cooperation and fundraising, marketing and promotion, quality improvement and management.

Civil Society, Citizenship and Social Affairs:

The association carries out awareness raising and training activities for young people and adults in the areas of Civic Participation, Community Building, volunteering and social engagement, citizens’ rights and freedoms. We also develop activities targeting socially vulnerable groups and are actively involved in Intergenerational learning and active ageing projects, as well as coaching, professional training, educational support and career orientation to young people with fewer opportunities.

ICT for Education and Training:

Our team is commited to the development and provision of ICT tools and products for education and training, with special focus on supporting the acquisition of transversal and soft skills through intuitive, engaging and easy to use ways. We provide intuitive e-learning solutions for varios target groups (school-age children and teenagers, youth, adult learners) and for different stakeholders (educational and social institutions, authorities, NGOs etc.

Sustainable Development, Agriculture and Environment: 

Our team has extensive professional experience in the areas of Rural Development, Food and Cash Crops, and in numerous relevant areas of application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technologies, including its applicability in monitoring and management of data in rural development projects.


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