Empower4Employment Project Approved for Funding

Empower4Employment Project Approved for Funding

Association Redefine starts the implementation of a new Erasmus+ project, tackling a range of major challenges European societies face today. The Turkish National Agency for Education and Training has approved the Empower4Employment project, developed and led by Izmir Governorship, Turkey and including partners from Austria, Poland and Portugal.

The main aim of the project is to empower the employability of low qualified and low skilled adults through defining and assessing the required skills and competences, developing tools, methods, networks, portals and curriculum in order provide them to find a job with right skills and competences in home care sector.

The anticipated shortage of (qualified) home-care professionals seems to be a significant problem. In parallel with financial shortages, limited supplies of trained staff are seen as the cause of unmet needs in many countries in Europe. A general shortage of home-care staff existed in several countries as well as a lack of (sufficiently qualified) home-care staff. Although these workers are considered critical to home care, there are growing concerns of a severe global shortage in the supply of home care workers. Trends indicate that, in the absence of successful plans for expanding this workforce, the crisis will increase in the future.

 Low-skilled workers and those employed in low skilled occupations also tend to experience more precarious employment than their higher skilled peers. They are more likely to be self-employed than those with medium or high levels of education and are also more likely to be employed under a temporary contract. People without the right skills are highly vulnerable to labour market changes.

To address these challenges the project consortium will create:

  • The SKILLS/COMPETENCES DETERMINATION HANDBOOK, defining the basic and transversial competences required for employment in the home care sector, with a focus on learner-centered training approaches, as well as appropriate validation methodology of job seekers skills.
  • A TRAINING CURRICULUM aimed at equipping adult trainers, career advisors, and employment agents, with the necessary material for them to be able to adequately guide and prepare job seekers for employment in the home care sector.   
  • A JOB-MATCHING PLATFORM which will connect job seekers and prospective employers, thus facilitating employment in the area.

The project is funded by the Erasmus + programme, Action KA2 ‘Strategic partnerships for innovation in the field of adult education’. The proposal has been developed and coordinated by Izmir Governorship,  and the consortium is composed of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Menderes Municipality, Izmir, Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu I Nauk O Zdrowiu, Poland and Bit-Management Beratung Gesmbh, Austria.

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