The 21st Century Schools Project Approved for Funding

The 21st Century Schools Project Approved for Funding

The French National Agency for Education and Training has approved for funding the 21st Century Schools Network project, which gathers together partners from 6 countries with the objective of promoting the acquisition of 21 century skills and competences in school education, necessary for participating in the digital society of the 21st century.

Renewing school education requires a comprehensive, cross-sector and strategic approach, encompassing the involvement of authorities and decision makers, school leaders, teachers and  educators, business, families and social and civic institutions and organisations.

Research shows that the cornerstones of successfully aligning education to the needs and requirements of 21st century society and economy are:

– Promoting the acquisition of 21st century skills and competences

– Promoting Innovation and modernization of Education and Training

– Opening Up Education

Based on the above background, the project aims to introduce a series of measures tackling each of the cornerstones stated above in order to propose a holistic and multidimensional approach towards upgrading and improving the quality of education and pedagogical approaches, introducing new and participatory governance models, support the integration of e-teaching and e-learning in the school learning environment.

The main objectives of the project are:

1. Improve the skills and competences of teachers, learners and families through a complete 21st century skills training pack, encompassing digital, social, emotional, personal and cultural competences, thus increasing the quality of teaching approaches and methodologies.

2. Promote opening of education through the creation and implementation of open source digital learning tools, thus promoting life-long learning, innovation and creativity in educational approaches

3. Stimulate the acquisition of new, participatory school governance models through bringing together public administration, schools, professionals, families and enterprises, as well as through developing and implementing training approaches for school leaders and administrators in governance and change management.

The project is funded by the Erasmus + programme, Action KA2 ‘Strategic partnerships for innovation in the field of school education’. The proposal has been developed by Association Redefine team and is part of our consistent effort to support local and European partners in the implementation of innovative practices. The consortium is lead by the Association Route Européenne des Légendes, France and includes partners from Portugal, Poland, Italy, Turkey and Austria.

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